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The United States has announced its formal withdrawal from the World Health Organization. US President Donald Trump threatened to leave the World Health Organisation (WHO) and permanently cut funding to the organisation back in May over disagreements about how to respond to the global Coronavirus pandemic. Trump accuses the UN agency of “pushing Chinese misinformation,” although he had praised China’s handling of the outbreak at the beginning of the year. The US was the largest financial contributor to the WHO.
The United States remains the country hardest hit by the coronavirus and it is getting worse. Despite sharp rises in new COVID-19 cases across the country, many areas are going ahead with reopening. In the southern US state of Georgia, officials are easing restrictions meant to stem the spread of the coronavirus even as around 1,000 people a day test positive for the disease. As public life resumes, those in greatest danger are African Americans.
African Americans living in Atlanta’s historically underprivileged communities have suffered the most from the Covid-19 lockdown, and also from – what many say was a hasty reopening of the state. They work low-paying jobs, live in so-called food deserts, with no access to healthy nutrition, let alone quality healthcare, or education. Yet they are often so called frontline workers – with no other options for work. The coronavirus death rate of Black Americans is roughly 2.5 times higher than that of White and Asian-Americans and twice as high as the death rate for Latinos.


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