Latest robots and technologies from all over the world (Technology News)


Latest robots and technologies from around the world (Technology News). The newest robots. The coolest robots. The news of high technologies. News of science and technology.

In this video, the world’s newest robots, the drone landing on a ship, the Libyan train from China, updating Sony’s robot Aibo, a new device for space tourism and much more.

Harmonic Bionics has introduced a robotic rehabilitation system for the upper extremities that provides comprehensive therapy for both hands of stroke survivors.
GITAI G1 is a space robot for working inside and outside space stations.
Malloy Aeronautics, which had previously developed Hoverbury, but switched to cargo drones, showed an improvised system for landing the drone on a moving ship.
Swedish company TikiSafety, which received a record number of orders for its protective masks, accelerated production by 9 times thanks to robots ABB (ABC read).
The Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute showed the capabilities of its robot ARMstrong.
The YuMi collaborative robot created in 2015 to help workers in assembly work, the robot has been able to expand its scope of application not only for warehouse and conveyor, but also for cooking, medicine and even art.
The laboratory of humanoid robotics and mechatronics of the Italian Institute of Technology presented an updated version of its robot COMAN in the music project “Spleen Machine”.
NVIDIA Corporation has introduced an enhanced software development kit for Isaac robots SDK 2020.1, complete with new tools and application support.
Sony Aibo’s robot dog has received a new software update.
In China they started factory dynamic testing of a prototype magnetically levitated train with a design speed of 600 km/hour.
The Airbus A350 made a fully automatic landing using only data from external cameras as part of the ATTOL program.
Space Perspective Startup plans to transport tourists to the stratosphere using a high-altitude balloon.
Developers at the University of Arizona have created an algorithm that can recognize text written by a finger in the air.

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