U.S. engineering company creates life-like robot dolphin


탱탱한 피부에 점프•곡예 척척…진짜보다 더 진짜 같은 ‘로봇 돌고래’

A U.S. engineering company has succeeded in creating a hyper-realistic robot dolphin.
Worth three to five million U.S. dollars, the aquatic robot moves, swims, and smiles just like a real dolphin would.
The company says it hopes animatronic dolphins could provide an alternative to live ones in aquariums, being held in captivity.
“We realized that using animatronics instead of using live animals enabled us to create characters that truly were lovable, that would really deliver on the idea that ‘we won’t hurt what we fall in love with.'”
The company also says this technology may one day be able to offer an unforgettable diving experience, with not only robotic dolphins, but with remote-controlled sharks, or even extinct reptiles from the Jurassic-era.

2020-10-16, 07:00 (KST)

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