Opportunities for the US when India 'banning' Chinese technology | China news


Opportunities for the US when India ‘banning’ Chinese technology.
The US tech giant will have more opportunities in India, but in the long run, the two sides can find themselves in technology relations like the US – China today.

On September 2, India banned 118 Chinese apps including popular games from Tencent and NetEase, as well as services from Alibaba’s Baidu and Ant Group. The Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology stated that the applications were “engaged in activities that compromise the sovereignty and integrity” of the country. The government also accused these services of sending citizens’ data to servers located outside of India.

Meanwhile, China believes that India’s actions not only infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese investors and service providers but also harm those of Indian consumers. at the same time destroying India’s investment climate as an open economy.

In early June, India banned 59 Chinese apps. Tensions between the two countries have increased since June, when a border clash killed 20 Indian soldiers in a disputed border area in the Ladakh region, in the Himalayas.

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