Colo. Regents Wanted to Fire Former President Before He Retired


A majority of the University of Colorado Board of Regents discussed firing former president Bruce Benson before he retired, The Denver Post reported.

Regents, meeting in groups of four or five at a time, privately discussed firing Benson during the summer of 2018, according to notes kept by one regent, Sue Sharkey, that the Post obtained through the Colorado Open Records Act.

Sharkey’s notes show that Republican and Democratic members of the board had concerns about Benson’s leadership and were frustrated that the president did not discuss a path to retirement. One regent, Heidi Ganahl, “said it was ridiculous that Bruce wasn’t cooperating with the regents in giving us a timeline, said he was acting like a petulant child,” according to Sharkey’s notes.

Ganahl later told the Post that the idea that the board tried to push Benson out was “laughable.”

Sharkey’s notes also indicate former regent Kyle Hybl vied to become interim president.

Benson, who is now 82, announced his retirement from the presidency of the four-campus system in 2018. When he stepped down after 11 years in office, his successor, Mark Kennedy, was already in place.

“I still stand by the accuracy of the notes,” Sharkey told the Post. “There was no agenda here on my part other than to make sure that everything was accurate.”

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