Japan introduces new technology in automobile and renewable energy – ANI News


Tokyo (Japan) Nov 2(ANI): Yamaha Motor Company has been advancing its research and development base on its unique development ideals, such as an autonomous development ideal that brings together Yamaha’s motorcycle and robotics technology. The MOTOBOT robot is capable of riding a motorcycle on its own around a racetrack. Yamaha Motor’s Leaning multi-wheel or LMW technology extends not only to two-wheel but expands to even three wheels and four-wheels. In the sportbike segment, the twin front wheels provide exceptional cornering performance – large-displacement 3-cylinder Sports LMW, the NIKEN. On the other hand, Yamaha Motor presents a unique concept for a sport-utility vehicle, the CROSS HUB CONCEPT. The construction, operation, and maintenance of public facilities with private commercial support are increasing in Japan. Through a public and private partnership with private finance initiative, the construction of a composite biomass energy facility has been completed and has begun operating in Toyohashi city in Aichi prefecture. JFE Engineering Corporation’s extensive past results in Japan and overseas in the field of infrastructure development, this brought about the start of this project. With rapid urbanization advances in each country of Southeast Asia, the shortage of electrical power generation, as well as the processing of sewage sludge and food waste, has become a major problem. Japanese technology and know-how will contribute to global environment society.

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