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Recent times have seen many changes around the education sector in India and globally. These news are impacting student lives in a huge way. Students have been now able to get the necessary perspective while planning careers ahead.

During this pandemic, countries like the UK and New Zealand are inviting foreign students for educational programs in their country. There are colleges that have waived off the IELTS test for students and have been extending concessions, relief care and scholarships for international students. There are others who are doing the rounds on charter flights for student return. Amidst all that, the passing of the New Education Policy 2020 was a welcome move as it is re-imagining education in a huge way for students.

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Here is a round up of some of the most interesting steps taken by universities and governments globally.

1. In a landmark move, the NEP makes way for restructuring the higher education system in India –
– One multidisciplinary Higher Education Institution (HEI), by 2030.
– Gross Enrolment Ration would move up from current 26.3% to 50%, by 2025.
– Institutions would be divided into three broad categories – research, teaching and autonomous degree granting institutions.
– More exposure to vocational education.

2. The UK Govt. grants work rights for dependants of PSW post grads –
– The graduate rule would be launched in 2021, allowing international students to stay and work in UK after graduation.
– Undergraduates and Master’s degree students can stay for two years
– PhD students are allowed to stay for three years.

3. New Zealand international Education sector receives $52m boost-
– Long-term strategic recovery plan.
– $20m to support schools.
– $6.6m to fund pastoral care and other activities for international students.
– $10m for private training establishments
– $1.5m for English Language Schools.
– $10 regarding future-focused products and services
– $3m for marketing activities.

4. British Universities explore charter flights for international students –
– UK Universities charter flights for foreign students from India, China and Africa.

5. The Morrison government is making changes to international student visas.
– International students contribute $40billion annually to Australia’s economy
– Government making five changes to visas so international students better off.

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