The shy Trump vote 'is very real across America': Hockey


Sky News US political commentator Joe Hockey says there are definitely “shy Trump votes” across America, as people apparently aren’t courageous enough to publicly reveal their support for the President.

“I definitely think there are shy Trump voters,” Mr Hockey said.

Mr Hockey said he drove through a neighborhood in the US country side and saw exclusively Joe Biden signs, but was later told by the locals that it was “strong Trump area, but people weren’t courageous enough to put out Trump signs”.

“I think that’s very real across America,” he said.

“There are a large number of people in parts across American that are going to vote for Donald Trump, but they’re not responding to pollsters, they’re certainly not responding to media inquiry, they’re just going to quietly go on and vote for him.

“I think the numbers will be bigger than any of the polls suggest.

“The question will be just how many Democrats have gone out to vote for the first time and that is a big unknown at the moment.”



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