George Floyd death: Canadian political leaders comment on racism in Canada and the U.S.


Several Canadian political leaders and Members of Parliament (MPs) addressed the ongoing protests in the U.S. on Wednesday in response to George Floyd’s death.

Green Party MP and former party leader Elizabeth May said that she agrees with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s comment on Prime Minister’s Trudeau speech, that it’s “pretty words” but she believes pretty words are still much better than Trump’s violent words and actions.

She called on the federal government to change the safe-country agreement with the U.S. so people seeking refugee status in Canada can get it because “Donald Trump made the U.S. no longer safe.”

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh called on the federal government to immediately act to put clear legislation into effect banning racial profiling by police agencies in Canada.

Bloc Quebecois leader Yves-François Blanchet said that the commitment to fight racism at every stage in Quebec “is very clear” after being asked whether Quebec’s banning of religious symbols is considered racist.

Blanchet also addressed a recent story by Global News, saying “I did not say systemic racism doesn’t exist, I said it does exist!,” and added that governments should do more on this issue pointing on “how the Canadian government is treating its First Nations.”

He added that “we should tell the Black people of America and Quebec and Canada that those among us who are not Black stand with them as friends and allies, and that we love them and welcome them.”

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