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World Diabetes Day: volunteer group aims to raise $22 million to support cure based diabetes research

EDMONTON, Alberta, Nov. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HEADingto 2022, a grass roots initiative, has joined forces with (and is a committee of) the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, Canada, Inc. (DRIFCan) and other partners. Their ultimate goal? Cure diabetes by 2022, one $22 donation at a time.

November 14 is World Diabetes Day. The date is no coincidence. It’s Dr. Banting’s birthday.

Before 1922, diabetics survived an average of just three years after developing the disease. Thanks to Canadian Dr. Banting and his colleagues, that all changed. In 1921, they discovered insulin and in 1922 were able to successfully conduct islet cell transplants on seriously ill diabetic patients. Since then, treatments for diabetes have come a long way – but treatment is not enough. It is time to eradicate this disease once and for all. A cure is possible. What is needed are funds to make it happen – and therein lies the challenge.

Doug Ritzen, Chair of the HEADing to 2022 Committee, explains, “The main challenge is that there are so many needs out there. People are bombarded daily with stories of desperate situations that each cry out for a solution – and each of those solutions takes money.”

He feels that a concentrated effort will put a cure for diabetes within reach. He explains that “Our goal is to have 1 million people each donate $22. That support will go a long way to helping researchers eradicate diabetes by 2022, the 100th anniversary of Dr. Banting’s discovery.”

It is an ambitious goal but one that HEADing to 2022 is confident can be met. Right now, Dr. James Shapiro and a team of researchers, collaborating with others in Canada and around the world, believe they have a cure in their lab. The money raised through this campaign can bring that cure to fruition. Imagine – a world where diabetes can be cured. A world where diabetes doesn’t shorten lifespans or contribute to circulatory complications, strokes, and amputations. This can be a reality… with your help.

On World Diabetes Day, let’s honor Dr. Banting and his team by taking their groundbreaking work to the next level – let’s move from treating diabetes to curing it. You can help researchers make that dream a reality. Donate $22.

Click here to donate now and stay informed on the campaign’s progress on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Website, HEADingto 2022

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