Clemson Cuts Men’s Track, Field and Cross-Country


Clemson University will eliminate its men’s track, field and cross-country teams in June 2021, Athletic Director Dan Radakovich announced Thursday.

The decision is a result of several factors, including an estimated $25 million budget shortfall in the university’s athletic department during the 2020 fiscal year due to the coronavirus pandemic, a letter from Radakovich said. Cutting the program will result in $2 million of cost savings that will be redistributed to other sports, the letter said.

Athletes on scholarship for track, field and cross-country will retain their financial aid, and they will continue to have access to athletic facilities and services, the letter said. The decision does not impact women’s track, field and cross-country, the letter said.

“We have a long and proud history in our men’s track and field program and many incredibly talented student athletes and graduates who have gone on to do tremendous things through the years,” Radakovich said. “Clemson men’s track and field and cross-country will always be an important part of Clemson Athletics’ history.”

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