US Air Force To Equip Its Fighter Jets With A 6th-Gen Technology- ‘SHIELD’ Laser Weapons


US Air Force To Equip Its Fighter Jets With A 6th-Gen Technology – ‘SHIELD’ Laser Weapon

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According to Kyle Mizokami, writing for Popular Mechanics, unlike modern-day fighters which rely on stealth The SHIELD pod will be arranged for the non-stealthy fourth-generation fighters like the F-16s.
“SHiELD will likely go on fighters unable to hide from their adversaries, such as the Air Force’s F-15E, F-15C, and new F-15EX Eagle fighters, F-16 Fighting Falcons, and perhaps even A-10C .Warthog attack jets. Trading the ability to carry one more missile or bomb for a laser that could shoot down many incoming missiles is a no-brainer.”
Moreover, while the lasers could be fitted on to a fifth-generation fighter, it will probably be placed in a space meant for bombs, missiles, or sensor pods, which will be bad news for stealthy fighter jets.
“That makes it a bad fit for stealthy aircraft such as the F-22 Raptor or F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, as the pod will break up the plane’s carefully minimized radar signature. That said, both planes already have a missile defense system already built-in: stealth technology,” writes Mizokami.
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