The Sports News | Mel Dow | Stoughton Athletics | | 608-877-5621 | 6/13/16


Name of Person being interviewed: Mel Dow
What is your title/position?: Athletic Director
Name of School, Organization, Company, or Business: Stoughton High School
Facebook Page:
Email address:
Business Phone # : 6088775621
Location/Address of the Business: 600 Lincoln Ave.

Question 1: The graduating class of 2016 benefited from the foundation within the Athletic Department during their time at Stoughton, how successful has the past four years been for the Vikings?
Question 2: This year was an incredible and diverse year of success for the Vikings, can you tell us a bit about that success and diversity?
Question 3: The Stoughton Sports Boosters are a strong supporter of your programs , how have they made an impact?
Question 4: We all know there are many people who go unseen that have big impacts on successful programs, who are some of those people in Stoughton?
Question 5: Outside of the regular season tournaments and events, Stoughton hosted an additional 17 Badger Conference or WIAA playoff events, why so many?
Question 6: A lot of work that has been done in Stoughton has been through partnerships, what is the background on these?



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