AHF Applauds Canada for Contribution to Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response


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In addition to being invaluable in maintaining precious progress made in battling the three infectious diseases—the Global Fund has been instrumental in getting relief to developing countries for their respective COVID-19 responses. Since the pandemic’s onset, it has provided $825 million to more than 100 countries to protect health workers, adapt lifesaving HIV, TB and malaria programs, and support fragile health systems. The Fund has also provided 33 million novel coronavirus tests and 73 million daily kits of personal protective equipment for health workers.

“By holding stakeholders accountable and delivering results through performance-based financing with a solid record of transparency, the Global Fund has proven itself time and time again as an effective and trusted international public health organization,” added Weinstein. “With more contributions like this one from Canada, we can hopefully begin to transition out of the COVID-19 crisis in the coming months. Moving forward, the Fund’s model of success should absolutely be used as a key example for a new Global Public Health Convention for the future.”

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