EWTN News Nightly | Tuesday, December 15, 2020


On “EWTN News Nightly” tonight: Vice President Mike Pence visited an Indiana company on Tuesday, helping in the production of vaccines to stem and stop the pandemic that has crippled the world for months on end, and explains why he is looking forward to Christmas. As the rollout of the Pfizer vaccine continues in the U.S., hundreds more hospitals are vaccinating their workers today. Meanwhile, the FDA said its preliminary analysis confirmed the effectiveness and safety of the Moderna vaccine. Top Democratic allies of President-elect Joe Biden say they support a $748 billion emergency covid relief plan offered by lawmakers of both parties. The $748 billion aid package includes money for businesses, the unemployed, schools and vaccine distribution. Vince Coglianese, editorial director at the Daily Caller, joins to discuss the importance of Joe Biden being the first Democratic president to win the state of Georgia in 25 years, and whether he believes Biden will be able to transfer the voters’ support of him to Warnock and Ossoff during the Georgia runoff elections. Starting in January, the Pfizer vaccine will be made available to Vatican City residents, employees and family members over the age of eighteen. The Pfizer vaccine was chosen for the Vatican because it is the only vaccine currently in the process of obtaining approval by the European and American health authorities. A recent survey stated that almost a quarter of American adults would not take the COVID-19 vaccine, even if it was free and deemed safe by scientists. Dr. Robert Lahita, professor of Medicine at New York Medical College and chairman of medicine at St. Joseph University Hospital, joins to address the skepticism surrounding the covid vaccine and what his message is to those concerned about taking the vaccine.

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