Trump Calls Covid Relief Bill a ‘Disgrace,’ Demands Changes


Questions about some of the provisions in the legislation that aided other countries were also raised on “Fox & Friends,” one of Mr. Trump’s favorite morning news programs, on Tuesday. Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina and a Trump ally, defended a measure in the bill that would send aid money to Pakistan in an interview on the show: “Pakistan is a place I really worry about.”

Besides rebuking lawmakers for sending money to other countries, Mr. Trump also criticized a provision in the relief bill that would allow some family members of undocumented immigrants to claim benefits. He also said a measure that would allow business expenses at restaurants to be deducted for two years was insufficient and called for it to be extended for a longer, unspecified, period of time.

In a tirade on Twitter on Tuesday evening, Mr. Trump also repeated his baseless claims that he lost the election because of widespread fraud. He also lashed out at the No. 2 Republican in the Senate, John Thune of South Dakota, who told reporters in the Capitol this week that the president’s plans to try to overturn the will of the electorate through a congressional vote were not going anywhere.

“I mean, in the Senate it would go down like a shot dog,” Mr. Thune said. “And I just don’t think it makes a lot of sense to put everybody through this when you know what the ultimate outcome is going to be.”

In response, Mr. Trump called Mr. Thune a “RINO” — Republican in name only — and “Mitch’s boy” and said he should “just let it play out. South Dakota doesn’t like weakness. He will be primaried in 2022, political career over!!!”

Democrats in Congress seemed to be enjoying the Republican-on-Republican attacks.

“If his major concern is he wants $2,000 relief checks, I’m sure we can accommodate his desires,” said Representative Jamie Raskin, Democrat of Maryland and a member of Ms. Pelosi’s leadership team. “On the Democratic side, we have been pushing for a much larger package for months.”

Should Mr. Trump veto the bill after sitting out negotiations, Mr. Raskin said, it would be a “ludicrous way to run government, but it’s a fitting end to his presidency.”

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