How Education Defines the Next Step of Our Development | News with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman


0:00 Will Global Hunger Happen?

There are forecasts that say that in the near future a large percentage of the global population will suffer from hunger. This is because we have an overall social-economic problem of the correct distribution of the available resources. This issue can be solved only by changing our current mindsets by engaging in proper education. We need to learn what world we are living in and according to which laws it operates. The general nature demands from us to equally connect above our egoistic differences and in mutual concern build the next conscious level of our development. If we start preparing ourselves in advance, while we still have the resources to fulfill ourselves, we’ll prevent global hunger and any other possible disasters.

18:18 What Is the Next Step of Our Development?

Going back to routine shows that we haven’t learned much from the coronavirus. We are still going shopping a lot, restarting factories, and are not caring about other people. Recently, we saw what consequences can such a lifestyle bring to us, but we continue following it because we don’t have a clear alternative. Such an alternative can appear if we educate ourselves about our basic nature – the human ego – and how to rise above it. Even though today we reached a dead end in our previous development, there is a way to advance above our ego, and this is what we need to learn now.

29:47 Why Current Education Kills An Innate Genius?

There is a lot of research that says that the system of education suppresses children’s ingenious talents and makes them average. This is so because our society is aimed to bring everyone to a certain framework sustaining today’s social and economic order. The recent changes showed us the need for a different kind of education, integral, that will develop each person’s natural inclinations and ability to interact with others and bring all of us to a new form of harmonious advancement.

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