Tennessee bomb squad finds no explosives in second truck playing same audio as the Nashville RV

<p>A suspicious white lorry was investigated by the bomb squad in Tennessee on Sunday.</p>

A bomb squad found no explosives in a suspicious vehicle in Tennessee that was reported playing similar audio to that heard before the Nashville motorhome exploded.

The truck was pulled over on Sunday morning and the driver, who was accompanied by a minor, was arrested.

Police sent a bomb-detecting robot to the white truck, parked beside a road in Lebanon, 30 miles from Nashville.

But the search revealed there was no dangerous material or explosives inside the truck, according to Nashville’s Fox17.

On Christmas Day a recreational vehicle (RV) in Nashville exploded in what police believe may have been an elaborate suicide.

On Sunday, Nashville police confirmed that they believe a local IT expert, Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, detonated the truck, likely with himself inside. Human remains were found on the scene and a DNA test is being carried out.

The motive remains unclear.

Before the Nashville motorhome exploded, a warning message was blared from a loudspeaker.

Police were called on Sunday after a local resident reported that the Lebanon vehicle, described as a “box truck” or small lorry, was playing similar messages.

Local news stations broadcast footage of the robot, and then specialist officers readying to approach the vehicle.

Rutherford County sheriff’s office said that they were alerted to the lorry, parked at Crossroads Market in Walter Hill, near Highway 231, around 10:30am.

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