Trump biographer says the humiliation of Mike Pence is ‘reaching a crescendo’

<p>File image: Trump’s biographer says Mike Pence should break away with the president&nbsp;</p>

Michael D’Antonio, author of the book The Truth About Trump, has said that the constant humiliation of Mike Pence during Donald Trump’s term has “reached a crescendo” and it’s the right time for him to break away from the president.  

Mr Trump’s biographer opened up in a CNN’s editorial column, saying that vice president Pence is “reportedly being pressured” to overturn the election results.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author also said the outgoing president is under the impression that Mr Pence’s objection, along with other Republican congressmen, will help him overturn the election result on 6 January.

A joint session of House and Senate politicians will meet on 6 January to count the electoral votes, which gave a 306 to 232 victory to Joe Biden.

In what is usually a rubber-stamping exercise, sealed certificates submitted by each state are opened by the vice president, who oversees the process.

The objections to the state’s electoral vote would be approved by both houses to decide if any contested votes could be excluded.

“Fortunately, the US Constitution offers Pence no way to stop the process as he presides over the joint session of the House and Senate next week, a process that Biden presided over four years ago when Trump’s victory was certified,” Mr D’Antonio wrote.

Mr Trump’s biographer termed Mr Pence’s tenure a “continuous show of servility.”

This came as the vice president was sued by Texas Republican Louie Gohmert and several other Republicans on Sunday in a last-ditch attempt to reverse President-elect Joe Biden’s election win.

The lawsuit against Mr Pence asks the federal judge to allow the vice president to have “exclusive authority and sole discretion” to decide which electoral votes should be included.

However, legal experts believe that this would not result in the favourable outcome hoped by Mr Trump’s supporters.

The author, who wrote the book on Mr Trump in 2016, earlier hit out at the president by calling him a “loser” and his act of refusal to accept defeat as “buffoonery”.

“He is a profoundly incompetent person, a loser, if you might say. He’s so incompetent that he cannot even succeed at being a loser,” Mr D’Antonio said in November.

In his CNN editorial on Tuesday, he suggested Mr Pence break away from Mr Trump as he might not run the 2024 elections and it would make the vice president a frontrunner for the next Republican ticket.  

“Pence’s dogged commitment to his wingman role may please certain Trump voters, but it doesn’t mean the nomination or the White House will be his for the taking,” the author said.

“Just consider the campaign banner displayed two months ago at an event in Nevada. What did it say? ‘Don Jr. 2024’.”

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