Latest Technology News – Apple shares hit all-time high as US-China reach phase one trade deal


— Apple shares hit all-time high as US-China reach phase one trade deal —
Shares of iPhone maker Apple rose 1.36% on Friday to an all-time high of $275.30 apiece after both the US and China confirmed they had finalised a phase one trade deal. Apple will avoid a 15% tariff that would’ve been applied to some of its products. The fresh round of tariffs was set to go into effect on December 15.
— Alphabet seeks quiet end to investor lawsuits over sex abuse: Filings —
Google’s parent firm Alphabet is seeking a quiet settlement to investor lawsuits over the company’s handling of employee complaints of alleged sexual assaults and harassment against its executives, Bloomberg reported citing court filings. Several shareholder groups had alleged that the board failed in its duties by approving big payouts to departing executives and keeping the details under wraps.
— ESA awards $111 million to startup for robot to clear space debris —
The European Space Agency (ESA) has awarded an around $111-million contract to Switzerland-based startup ClearSpace to carry out a debris-clearing mission in space. A four-armed robot will latch onto debris before diving back down to Earth, where both the machine and the junk will “burn up in the atmosphere”, ESA said. The ‘ClearSpace-1’ mission is planned for launch in 2025.



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