Latest Technology News – Air taxi startup EHang flies autonomously in US for first time


— Air taxi startup EHang flies autonomously in US for first time —
China-based aerial passenger drone startup EHang flew its EHang 216 two-seat self-flying taxi fully autonomously in North Carolina, a first for the company both in the US and North America. EHang is currently working towards getting an approval to fly with passengers on board. The startup has also delivered around 40 of its aircraft to paying customers.
— Entrepreneurs unaware of AI same as those who ignored internet in 1999: Cuban —
Billionaire investor Mark Cuban, who attended CES 2020, said, “If you’re an entrepreneur and if you don’t know about Artificial Intelligence, then you’re the equivalent of somebody in 1999 saying, ‘I’m sure this internet thing will be okay but I don’t give a sh**.'” “Going forward, the world will quickly be defined by ‘AI haves’ and ‘AI have-nots’,” he added.

— Amazon’s video doorbell company fires 4 employees for watching customer videos —
Amazon subsidiary Ring, which makes smart doorbells with security cameras, has fired at least four employees for improperly seeking access to customer data over the last four years. “The attempted access to the data exceeded what was necessary for their job functions,” Amazon said about the fired employees. Amazon had acquired the video-capturing doorbell maker in 2018.
— Facebook caused Trump’s win in 2016, must not stop his re-election: Exec —
Facebook Vice President Andrew Bosworth, in a leaked internal memo that he later publicly posted, said he believes Facebook was responsible for Donald Trump’s presidential election victory in 2016. He added that morally, Facebook must not tilt the scale against Trump’s re-election in 2020. Trump won, not from Russian interference, but a great digital ad campaign on Facebook, Bosworth said.



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