Latest Technology News – US Army cadets told not to use ByteDance-owned TikTok in uniform


— Facebook built a face recognition app to let employees identify co-workers —
Facebook has admitted to building a face recognition app to let employees identify their colleagues and friends by pointing smartphone cameras at them. Business Insider reported it first saying that the app was developed between 2015 and 2016 but has since been discontinued. “The app could only recognise employees and their friends who had face recognition enabled,” Facebook said.
— US Army cadets told not to use ByteDance-owned TikTok in uniform —
US Army cadets were instructed to restrict using Chinese startup ByteDance-owned lip-sync video-sharing platform TikTok, amid concerns over the app’s handling of data. The cadets can still use the app for their own personal use but not while in uniform or performing official duties. Reuters reported that it found “multiple TikToks” of young men and women in US military uniforms.
— My cancelled nuclear reactor in China a 5-year setback for technology: Gates —
Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates, who tried to build an experimental nuclear reactor in China, called the now-axed project a “five-year setback for technology” at Bloomberg’s New Economy Forum this week. His plan for the nuclear reactor in China was cancelled due to US foreign investment restrictions. Gates’ US-based company TerraPower, which he founded in 2006, was working on the project.
— Toughest & best thing I do for myself: Twitter CEO on finishing 3rd vipassana —
Twitter Co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey on Sunday tweeted that he has finished his third 10-day ‘vipassana’, one of the most ancient techniques of meditation, at Dhamma Pataka in South Africa. “(It) continues to be the toughest and best thing I do for myself,” he tweeted. Last year, Dorsey did a 10-day silent vipassana meditation in Myanmar for his birthday.



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