U of Phoenix Reportedly Demands Refund From Republican Group


The University of Phoenix is demanding the Republican Attorneys General Association return $50,400 it donated to the organization, because of the group’s reported involvement instigating the storming of the U.S. Capitol last week by supporters of President Trump, according to Popular Information, a political newsletter.

The university, however, did not return inquiries by phone and email on Wednesday.

But according to the newsletter, the university confirmed it is asking for the refund. “We have asked RAGA to return our contribution to us as soon as possible,” Popular Information quoted the university as saying.

According to the newsletter, the organization, which works to elect Republicans as the state attorneys general, spread conspiracy theories about the stealing of the election from Trump on Twitter. The group’s policy arm, the Rule of Law Defense Fund, sent out a robocall encouraging “patriots” to march on the Capitol. The group’s executive director, Adam Piper, resigned over the fallout from those activities, The Wall Street Journal reported.

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