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She’s the multimedia personality who balances a busy work schedule with parenting eight-year-old twins.And Meshel Laurie has revealed that she experiences fatigue with the amount that her childrens’ school expects her to be involved in their education.Writing in her column for Sunday Life this week, the 42-year-old argued that while she is happy to personally educate her kids on things like ‘personal hygiene, ethics and what clothes to wear to look thinner,’ she believes academics should be left to professional educators.’I don’t know how to teach them long division and, frankly, it’s not my responsibility,’ Michelle wrote. Share this article Share Michelle then recounted an incident in which she had to attend a meeting at school to discuss a new way of teaching children to read.Arguing that she didn’t need to know how teachers taught her children, Meshel then revealed a lot of the pressure teachers feel to include parents in every facet of their child’s education, comes from parents themselves.’Apparently, this pressure to be involved in my children’s education actually comes from other parents,’ she said.Meshel added: ‘A teacher friend told me that they have all dreaded ‘evenings’ because if they don;t some sad losers with no lives complain about not being included. Good lord, can you imagine what kind of in-laws these people are going to be?’Meshel welcomed her twins – Dali and Louis – via IVF, in November 2009.She shares her children with Adrian Lewinski with whom she split in  2012 after 19 years of marriage.Speaking to Kidspot in 2017, Meshel revealed that having children was a contributing factor in the split.’We’d been together for I think 11 or 12 years before we had kids so that changed our lives a lot,’ she said.’I think when you start to parent with someone, you see a different side of them – not that it’s a bad side but you just start to squabble about parenting, it’s just a raft of new things to annoy each other about.’



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