Facebook will temporarily stop showing ads for gun accessories and military gear.


Facebook will temporarily stop showing ads that “promote weapon accessories and protective equipment in the U.S. at least through Jan. 22,” two days after Inauguration Day, according to a statement by the company.

The social media platform had been showing ads for military equipment, like body armor and gun holsters, to users who were engaging with content promoting misinformation about the presidential election and news about the Capitol riot, according to an article by Buzzfeed News. Ads for weapon accessories were also being shown to people who followed right-wing extremist pages or groups on Facebook, according to the article, which cited data from the Tech Transparency Project, a nonprofit watchdog group.

Facebook’s move comes after concerned employees and users of the social network noted an uptick in placement of the ads. Facebook already prohibits ads for weapons and ammunition, the company said, but it is extending that ban to related equipment over the next few days.

Much of the planning for last week’s attack on the Capitol was conducted in the open on social media networks, including on mainstream sites like Facebook and Twitter, and also on lesser-known sites used by the far right such as Parler and Gab.

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