The Sports News | Ryan Reischel | Stoughton Tennis | | 6/6/16


Name of Person being interviewed: Ryan Reischel
Name of School, Organization, Company, or Business: Stoughton Vikings
Email address:
Business Phone #: 608-877-5467
Location/Address of the Business: 1920 Lincoln Ave. Stoughton, WI

Question 1: Your girls tennis team has gone from the bottom of the Badger Conference to one of the top teams. How did you accomplish that?
Question 2: What are some of the success your girls have had over the last few seasons?
Question 3: What are you expecting from your girls this coming season?
Question 4: Which players are you counting on to be difference makers this coming season?
Question 5: Stoughton is a “non-traditional” tennis town. Why do you think your girls will be able to compete with the “Power Schools” of high school tennis?
Question 6: Looking at your girls tennis program, what are you most proud of over the last few years?



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