Latest Technology News – Trump tweets to Apple CEO Tim Cook for removing iPhone home button


— Trump tweets to Apple CEO Tim Cook for removing iPhone home button —
US President Donald Trump on Friday tweeted to Apple CEO Tim Cook for removing iPhone home button. “To Tim: The Button on the iPhone was far better than the swipe!” the US President wrote in the tweet. Apple started selling iPhones without home buttons with the introduction of the iPhone X in 2017.
— Throw-bark: Google shares post on 1st dog that visited its office —
Google India took to Twitter on Sunday to share a post on the first dog to visit the technology giant’s office. “The first dog at the Google office was a friendly Leonberger named Yoshka who came to work with his owner,” Google said. “Throw-bark to Yoshka’s first time at our office,” the internet giant further added.
— Facebook trains AI to fool face recognition systems in real-time —
Facebook AI Research (FAIR) has developed an AI system that can “de-identify” people in real-time from media including live videos, by fooling facial recognition systems. It works by altering key facial features of a video subject in real-time using machine learning. However, the social media giant said that it had no plans to implement the research in its products.
— Microsoft beats Amazon, wins US’ $10-billion JEDI defence contract —
US Department of Defence has awarded Microsoft with the Joint Enterprise Defence Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud contract worth up to $10 billion over 10 years. The software giant defeated Amazon to provide infrastructure and platform services for both the Pentagon’s business and mission operations. “We’re surprised about this conclusion. [Amazon Web Services] is the clear leader,” Amazon said.



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