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Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene before the House vote yesterday.

With a big vote expected today in Virginia’s House of Delegates, lawmakers are poised to make the state the first in the South to abolish the death penalty.

It would be a turning point in the region, after Georgia’s recent blue turn put Republicans on notice in the Deep South. But in Virginia, the bill is only the latest in a cascade of liberal policies that have moved through the state’s General Assembly since Democrats won full control in 2019.

Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat who has embraced the state’s liberal turn, supported a ban on the death penalty during his campaign in 2017, when Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic governor at the time, drew criticism from the left for moving forward with the execution of a mentally ill man.

“It’s important that we shut down the machinery of death here in Virginia,” Northam told our reporter Trip Gabriel in an interview for Trip’s article on the new bill.

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