Social Media News #1: Instagram Features, US Ban TikTok, Facebook Free Education, Snapchat 9M Users


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Social Media News Today:

Instagram is rolling out a new personal fundraisers option to help people and businesses raise money.

In another concerning sign for TikTok, the US House of Representatives voted on Monday to have the app banned from all Government-issued devices, due to concerns around data collection and potential spying by Chinese authorities.

Facebook has announced a new, six-week series of digital marketing education courses, starting this week, in order to provide key tips, insights, information and support, primarily for SMBs.

Here is the link:

Facebook has outlined a range of coming changes to its content monetization policies and brand safety controls, which are being implemented as a result of its recent civil rights audit.

Snapchat has reported its Q2 2020 performance update, showing increases in both users are revenue, and, in general, positive signs for the ongoing steady growth of the platform.




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