Soccer Betting Tips For High Potential Payouts

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Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet, boasting billions of fans and players across the world. Unsurprisingly then, betting on soccer matches is a popular choice and sportsbooks recognise this, offering a huge range of different markets. One such market is accumulators, whereby players combine lots of smaller bets to create a big coupon with enhanced odds. The catch is if one of your bets fails to come in you win absolutely nothing. 

Accumulators are therefore high risk, high reward betting strategy. Here are some top tips on how to find high-value soccer accumulators like

Look at the Statistics 

Even if you do not have the most mathematical brain, analysing statistics is a must if you want to be successful in accumulator betting. In recent years, soccer has undertaken a data revolution with more stats available for public consumption than ever before. Learning what these figures can tell you about the outcome of a game is a simple process and there are lots of statistical guides available online to help out any novices.

Use Your Own Knowledge

Because football is so popular across the world, bettors have more choice than in any other sports. Make sure you take advantage of this by only betting on leagues that you have strong knowledge of. For instance, if you are a massive Premier League fan, there is no point betting on MLS, Serie A or Bundesliga is there? Stick to what you know and you will always be rewarded in the long run, even if the odds are better in an unfamiliar league. 

Don’t Go Crazy!

When putting together your accumulator, it is extremely tempting to keep adding more and more bets. As you keep placing wagers, the odds you get will slowly creep up and knowing when to stop can be a tricky task. However, how many 24 fold accumulators with odds of 500/1 have you seen come in? Exactly. We recommend keeping your bets to a maximum of 10. This way you avoid ruining your weekend by blowing your entire betting budget on a crazy accumulator.  

See What the Experts Say

Soccer has attracted increasing media attention in recent years. There are thousands of different ‘experts’ offering their opinion on the beautiful game in print, online and via podcasts and videos. Some of them know what they’re talking about, some of them don’t. Your job is to find a pundit whose opinion you respect and trust. Once you do this, milk their knowledge to help choose better accumulators. 

Look For Value

When choosing their accumulators, some people will take a matter of seconds making their selections. These people very rarely win any money. A much better approach is studying the odds over a period of a few days, before placing the bet just before the games kick-off. If you do this, your betting slip will be much more considered and you won’t be thrown off guard by a late injury to a key player. In short, take your time. 

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