Trump says he prefers press releases to Twitter but will launch competing platform anyway


Donald Trump says he prefers being off Twitter, and he may also start his own platform so he can return to social media – even though he says he prefers press releases, which don’t waste as much time as “boring” tech networks.

The former president made the comments in an interview with Fox News, telling host Laura Ingraham he likes official press releases because he doesn’t “have to be so careful with every word”.

“We’re no longer constrained by a certain number of characters. We’re no longer put under, you know, the magnifying glass. And frankly, you do it less and you can do it better,” Mr Trump said.

“So I put out statements now ‘from the office of’ and the statements are picked up by everybody. I mean, it actually works better.”

Despite Mr Trump saying his official statements are doing much better getting to everyone on Twitter and Facebook than when he was before he was banned from them, the ex-president says he may create a competing platform.

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