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An increasing number of companies are introducing AI technology in interviewing job applicants. AI interviewers are said to be able to efficiently assess many applicants without any biases. Now in Korea, roughly 100 companies already conduct AI job interviews, and even some colleges are considering using the technology for selecting new students.
There’s no one waiting for the applicant in this company’s job interview.
[Soundbite] “(Read aloud the following sentence.) Hello. Nice to meet you.”
That’s because the session is conducted by an AI interviewer. It marks 68 dots across the faces of interviewees and pay attention to subtle changes in facial expressions and colors to assess their qualities, such as integrity and confidence. It also measures applicants’ attractiveness based on their voices and speeches.
[Soundbite] HONG JOON-KI(AI INTERVIEWEE) : “My strongest personality trait is the ability to get along with other people easily.”
The AI interviewer is also capable of identifying appropriate occupational groups for applicants through the words they use frequently.
[Soundbite] (AI INTERVIEW PROGRAM DEVELOPER) : “Data on the capabilities of employees and applicants in each job or occupational group are accumulated in our AI server. It improves as it gathers more data.”
AI job interviews can be conducted anywhere, since all you need is the connection to log on to the program.
[Soundbite] HONG JOON-KI(AI INTERVIEWEE) : “The interview was held in a relaxed surrounding. I felt at ease, so I was more animated, with more facial expressions.”
It is also advantageous to companies for a number of reasons.
[Soundbite] GOH HEE-YOON(ILDONG HOLDINGS) : “Previously, we could interview only up to around 100 people. The conventional method took a lot longer and involved greater expenses, as we need to adjust the time for the session and pay the interviewers.”
The number of firms conducting AI job interviews more than tripled to roughly 100 in



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