Biden wants to be 'the guy who created a legacy' since he 'wont be in office long'


Sky News host Cory Bernardi says US President Joe Biden won’t be in office for very long so he wants to be “known as the bloke who created a legacy” as he announces the biggest US spending increase in history.

Mr Biden has delivered his first address to Congress since winning the White House, promising to muscle up to China in the Indo-Pacific and unveiling a US$1.8 trillion spending bill on education and child care as part of a total US$4.1 trillion economic spend.

“The only way they can get themselves out of this debt trap is to borrow more money and throw it into the system in the hope of fuelling inflation,” he said.

“There will be Biden roads and Biden dams and Biden Dementia Centres – there’ll be all sorts of stuff happening – and a whole bunch of little Biden apparatchiks who get into the pre-schools three years earlier, to get indoctrinated earlier into the leftist claptrap that he’s enjoying.”



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