Latest Technology News – It's show time: Apple announces March 25 special event in US


— It’s show time: Apple announces March 25 special event in US —
Apple has invited the media to attend a special event on March 25 at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California with a description, “It’s show time”. The technology giant is reportedly expected to unveil its TV streaming service, rumoured to launch globally, and a new Apple News product at the event. Reports also suggest Apple may unveil new devices.
— Challenging location: Google on flood forecasting project in Patna —
Sella Nevo, the engineer leading Google’s Flood Forecasting Initiative in Patna, said Google chose Patna for the project as it has an incredibly interesting and challenging location. “There are a lot of things like embankments and other man-made structures that we need to be able to deal with,” said Nevo. Google is using machine learning to improve flood forecasting systems.
— I called Apple CEO ‘Tim Apple’ to save time and words: Trump —
US President Donald Trump on Monday defended himself for mistakenly referring to Apple CEO Tim Cook as Tim Apple at a conference in the White House. “I quickly referred to Tim + Apple as Tim/Apple…to save time and words,” he tweeted. Apple CEO Tim Cook changed his last name on Twitter to the Apple logo after Trump’s error last week.
— Flying cars will be reality in next 5 yrs: Intel drone chief —
Intel’s drone chief Anil Nanduri, in an interview with CNET, said flying cars will “definitely” be a reality in the next five years, even if not at a large scale. “Airspace solves the three-dimensional challenge that the ground traffic is faced with,” Nanduri said. He added cost of putting cars in sky is less than putting them inside underground tunnels.



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