Can Vaping Kill You? E-Cigarette Health Dangers Currently in the News


There are still tons of news reports in 2019 connecting vaping to deaths. We did a significant amount of research and this is the best conclusion we’ve been able to come up with given the current data available. Below are our sources. Let us know in the comments below what you think about this ongoing story.

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News stories:

1st California Vaping Death 9/6/19

“Health authorities announced Friday they are investigating California’s first known death associated with vaping a marijuana product, and 10 other cases of lung injury have been reported that are potentially linked to the use of cannabis vapes.”

2nd California Vaping Death on 9/17/19

“The man had been using both nicotine e-cigarettes and THC vape products, said Vanni. Contrary to what the health department spokeswoman said, the man became ill only two days before he died, Vanni said. He drove himself to the hospital.” Unclear which products he was using.

Michigan Death on 9/6/19
“Investigators looking into the case after the patient died found the lung injury was associated with vaping illicit THC products.”

Kansas Vaping Death on 9/1//19:
Article opens with:
“A 50-year-old Kansan became the sixth person in the USA to die of a vaping-related lung illness, an outbreak that has ramped up health concerns nationwide and prompted President Donald Trump to call for a ban on thousands of e-cigarette flavors Wednesday.”
“The CDC confirmed that investigators narrowed their focus and that the additive vitamin E acetate is a chemical involved in many of the cases, but officials emphasized it is not in all of the cases being reviewed. Vitamin E acetate is a “sticky greasy oil” that some marijuana includes, said Devin Alvarez, CEO and founder of Straight Hemp CBD products. “Not all oils are the same. Thick and greasy seem to be the culprits.”

Illinois Vaping Death – Initial Headline: “Vaping death: Illinois man who recently used e-cigarette dies”
“The Illinois statement did not say whether the man had been vaping THC.”

“In a briefing with the press, representatives from health agencies, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, said they have not linked the illnesses to any specific product and that some patients had reporting vaping with cannabis liquids.”

Minnesota Vaping Death:

“A hospitalized Minnesota patient with an underlying lung disease has died from a severe lung injury tied to “vaping illicit THC products,” the state Health Department said Friday.”

Oregon Vaping Death 9/3/19
“The person died in July. Investigators from OHA’s Public Health Division said in a press release that prior to the death, the person was smoking a cannabis product through the vaping device.”

“Last week, Oregon officials announced a second death, saying a middle-aged adult fell seriously ill after vaping with marijuana oil. It was the first casualty linked to a store-bought product. (Authorities have not provided product details for the Illinois death).”



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